Nissan dealership in Mexico pulls a prank about supposed return of third generation Sentra

Over the holidays, Nissan seems to have brought back a popular sedan. That vehicle is the third-generation Sentra. Also called the Tsuru, the automaker has apparently resurrected the budget sedan for the Mexican market just before the New Year.

While we were surprised about its return, we had to double-check if the Nissan B13 Sentra had actually returned to the Mexican market. While it may already be outdated, this particular generation was in production in Mexico from 1992 until May 2017. In fact, the Sentra was the country's most popular vehicle from 1997 to 2011 before being surpassed by the Mexican-made Volkswagen Jetta.

After doing some checking about its supposed return, the post was a prank pulled by Nissan Las Fuentes, a local dealership that operates in Mexico. But why did the dealership pull that gag over the holidays?

Did Nissan revive the B13 Sentra in Mexico? image

Upon checking when it was posted, the dealership shared the image on Dec 28, 2023 (Dec 29 here in the Philippines). This day is called Niños Inocentes, (AKA Feast of The Holy Innocents) and is celebrated yearly. It's a remembrance of the massacre of the newborns/firstborns in Bethlehem by order of King Herod due to the prophecy that the King of the Jews will oust him, foreshadowing Jesus Christ's birth.

Fortunately, an angel warned Joseph about the upcoming massacre and brought the Virgin Mary and the Infant Jesus to safety in Egypt. This ultimately made King Herod the fool as he killed plenty of innocents for nothing – hence the aptly named feast.

Despite its grim nature, the festival is actually celebrated in Mexico and other South American countries by trying to find someone to play the fool just like King Herod. In the Philippines, Niños Inocentes is celebrated more religiously although some people avoid lending money or things to their friends every December 28 for fear they might never get it back.

Props to Nissan Las Fuentes for pulling a prank and nearly having us believe that the third-generation Sentra has made a comeback.