What are the first words that come to mind when you hear the name Isuzu? If some of those include tough, reliable, and durable, then you're one of the millions who would agree. Besides, their reputation wasn't built overnight and we can say that those praises are well-deserved.

Statement on Isuzu vehicles from 22:46

In fact, even the President of the Philippines agrees with that sentiment.

Did President Duterte just endorse Isuzu? image

During the turnover of 51 Isuzu fire trucks to the Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP), President Rodrigo Duterte couldn't help but sing the praises of Isuzu.

During his speech, he said, “Isuzu lahat ang binibili ko kasi para sa akin in the mountains, in the plains, kapag umakyat ako sa bukid, ang pinaka, the most durable.”

(Isuzu is what I buy for my self when I am up in the mountains, in the plains, go up to the farm. (Isuzu) is the most durable).

Did President Duterte just endorse Isuzu? image

He also added, “Hanggang ngayon, pag-uwi ko sa Davao, yung pickup ko na Isuzu ang hinahanap ko”.

(Even to this day, when I go home to Davao, it's my Isuzu pickup that I look for).

Did President Duterte just endorse Isuzu? image

The President isn't making that up either. Duterte indeed owns an Isuzu D-Max and he still drives it around when he has the chance. He also owns a Mu-X too, which further backs up his affection for the brand. Even the City of Davao seems to swear by Isuzu too, as the local government snapped up several units of the 4x4 LS-A D-Max back in September last year, with a six-speed manual, no less.

But when he's not in Davao, President Duterte is driven around the country in the issued black (and bomb-resistant) Mercedes-Benz S600 or a white (and equally armored) Toyota Land Cruiser. Still, we imagine the Commander-In-Chief longing for his Isuzu D-Max when he's sitting at the back of the state-issued cars.