One look at the image above and you'd think the operators of the North Luzon Expressway may have been playing too much Grand Theft Auto. 

No, that's not a ramp for cars to jump on at 100 km/h. That's actually a Bailey bridge, and it's meant to allow the NLEX Corporation to be able to do some rehabilitation work on the Candaba Viaduct.

If you ever passed through the Candaba Viaduct along the NLEX in the past year or so, you'll notice that it isn't the most comfortable section of the expressway to drive on. Apart from the uneven asphalt, there are also big dips when passing through the viaduct's many expansion joints. Fortunately, the issues of the Candaba Viaduct are already being addressed. The NLEX Corporation has officially started repair works on the Candaba Viaduct which will continue until the end of the year, December 2020.

According to the company, the 5-kilometer long stretch of raised road will undergo rehabilitation to ensure the safety and longer-term serviceability of the structure. Specifically, the concrete slab links will be replaced as they have been damaged over time.

NLEX begins rehabilitation works along Candaba Viaduct image

At the moment, work on the southbound viaduct is currently going. To allow Manila-bound motorists in light to medium vehicles to pass through, a 31-meter fabricated steel Bailey bridge has been constructed over affected areas. Meanwhile, heavy trucks with less than 12-wheels will be rerouted to a counterflow lane on the northbound side. Heavy trucks with 12 or more wheels will have to exit at San Simon and re-enter NLEX through Pulilan, Sta. Rita, or Tabang.

With construction work on-going, expect to encounter heavy traffic on NLEX in the coming months. This is for motorists going both northbound and southbound.

To ensure a smoother flow of traffic in the area, NLEX Corporation will be deploying additional patrol and traffic marshalls. Directional traffic signs will also be placed at strategic locations to better guide the public. Traffic updates will be posted on electronic variable message signs and announced via social media accounts.

Once repair works are complete this December, expect it to be more comfortable driving along the Candaba Viaduct. In the meantime, slow down for the Bailey bridges. You wouldn't want to fly unintentionally.