Toyota has had a very busy year, giving most models in its lineup a major makeover – from the Wigo to the Vios then the Hilux and Fortuner duo. However, one model in Toyota's ASEAN lineup has avoided any update for the longest time – the Innova. The popular MPV was first introduced in 2016 and has yet to receive and facelift, both major or minor. However, that might change very soon.

Photos of what is supposedly the 2021 Toyota Innova have surfaced on the internet, showing the new MPV in the metal. There's no camouflage too so we can clearly see all the changes very clearly.

Are you the 2021 Toyota Innova? image

According to, the facelift Innova was spotted just parked outside a showroom in Vietnam, making it free for anyone to see. From the photos, the styling changes to the front end are quite extensive. The most obvious change is the bumper which now has the turn signals integrated at the edges. Meanwhile, the fog lights appear to have been relocated to the bottom, integrated into a new black trim piece. Toyota also fitted a new grille that looks similarly styled to the one found on the new Corolla Cross. We're not too sure, but the headlights appear to be new as well.

Are you the 2021 Toyota Innova? image

While Innova's front end got a major makeover, it seems Toyota didn't really change anything on the rear and side. The 2016 model rear and side profile appear to have been carried over. The only visual changes are the new wheels.

It's the same situation inside. The cabin appears to be relatively unchanged compared to the current Innova. Based on the photos, the unit we see here appears to be a lower-trim model (possibly E or G) with manual dials for the airconditioning system. It is not the top-spec V variant which has more features. As the photos here were taken in Vietnam, the Innova is also in the left-hand-drive configuration. 

Are you the 2021 Toyota Innova? image

No powertrain details were mentioned but expect the same engines to be carried over into the facelifted Innova when it launches. In the Philippines, the Innova has only been available with a 2.8-liter diesel engine, as well as a 2.0-liter naturally-aspirated gasoline motor. Both are offered with either a manual or automatic gearbox. However, do remember that the same engine powering the Fortuner was given a power boost. Currently, the diesel version makes 171 PS and 360 Nm of torque, while the gas-powered engine produces 136 PS and 183 Nm of torque.

Considering that the 2021 Innova has been spotted outside of a dealership in Vietnam even before launch, it is likely a sign that its debut is happening very soon. Hopefully, the Philippines won't lag behind considering Toyota Motor Philippines does build the Innova locally.