Satire Facebook page says street racing is now legal in Rome, Georgia

It looks like a US city has decided to allow street racing to be a legal event. At least that's according to their announcement on Facebook.

Just recently, the city of Rome (not Italy) in Georgia, USA announced that they will be allowing street racing every Friday and Saturday evening starting this week. The Rome City commissioners even designated two roadways as official venues.

For the City of Rome, Georgia, the street racing event will be a fun and safe activity for kids of all ages. But did the city really make it legal for street racers to have fun on public roads? As it turns out, not exactly.

After digging for more info on the Facebook page of the City of Rome, GA & Floyd County, we noticed that it wasn't directly affiliated with the state of Georgia or with any other government agency. Instead, it's a satirical page that constantly pokes fun at the everyday events happening in the city.

Did this US city really accept legal street racing? image

Unfortunately, some have believed the post to be real. While most were not exactly thrilled about the idea of making street racing legal, others welcomed the idea; stating that street racing, whether legal or not, will happen anyway.

We at believe that any type of racing should always be done on the race track. Anyone that decides to make public roads a venue for street racing is not only putting themselves in danger but is also endangering the public.

Still, the page's satirical post about making streel racing legal in Rome, Georgia did give us a good laugh.