2023 S-Presso AGS won't take up chunk of sales from Celerio AGS, says Suzuki exec

It might have taken some time, but Suzuki Philippines has officially launched the automatic version of its highly-popular S-Presso. With AGS (short for Auto Gear Shift) now available, it combines the benefit of an automatic transmission with the frugality of a manual gearbox but without the hassle of having to operate a clutch pedal.

With it, the S-Presso will have a broader appeal to customers, especially those that are looking to get a hatchback with SUV styling and an automatic transmission. And with a price tag of PHP 660,000, the 2023 S-Presso 1.0 AGS will surely attract budget-conscious buyers.

Different, but same: Will Suzuki S-Presso AGS take sales from Celerio in PH? image

While this may be all well and good, we couldn't help but think that the arrival of the S-Presso AGS could sway buyers away from its stablemate, the Celerio. First launched last year, the third generation Celerio is bigger, has more interior/cargo space and is also available with the 5-speed AGS. It even has the same 1.0-liter three-cylinder DualJet engine with auto start/stop to help improve its fuel economy.

While the Celerio is the bigger vehicle, the upgraded S-Presso also comes with the same features such as hill-hold control, an electronic stability program, the aforementioned auto start/stop system, rear parking sensors, and dual front airbags. Not to mention, the S-Presso comes with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto which the Celerio does not have at the moment.

Different, but same: Will Suzuki S-Presso AGS take sales from Celerio in PH? image

With this predicament, we asked Kennedy Adia, Assistant Manager at Suzuki Philippines, if this will affect sales of the Celerio.

“Basically no. For one, the price gap is different. And in terms of vehicle dimensions, those that would like more room and is wider, you can choose the Celerio,” said Adia.

So while the S-Presso is equally packed with features, it still is the smaller vehicle. For Adia, those that prefer to have more function and room can get the slightly bigger Celerio.

But with a PHP 94,000 difference between the Celerio and the S-Presso AGS, is the slightly bigger size worth the price difference, especially in this segment? Let us know in the comments.