Lamborghini testing Active Wheel Carrier system

Lamborghini is working on a device that could put alignment shops out of business.

Okay, so we may have been exaggerating on that, but the Italian supercar manufacturer is developing a system that could alter your car's toe and camber settings on the fly.

DIY Alignment: Lamborghini testing a trick device to slash lap times image

For those who are into circuit racing, toe and camber settings can give a dramatic improvement in terms of handling and slashing your lap times. And as of now, Lamborghini has a prototype of the Huracan with an Active Wheel Carrier system.

According to Lamborghini, the Active Wheel Carrier system offers up to 6.6 degrees of toe adjustment. But more importantly, for handling and aesthetic purposes, the system could alter the car's camber by up to 2.5 degrees on the positive end, and up to negative 5.5 degrees. These can be done automatically by the car as you go flat out around the race track.

DIY Alignment: Lamborghini testing a trick device to slash lap times image

Reports from those who have experienced the Active Wheel Carrier system say it could make a car 5 seconds per lap faster in the famed Nurburgring circuit. In the racing world, slashing 5 seconds is like having a skill upgrade from novice to Max Verstappen levels.

For now, Lamborghini is yet to say when and which production supercar will have this device. However, according to reports, the trick device could be rolled out as early as next year. If it does indeed happen, then expect Lamborghini to claim the Green Hell's lap record for a production car soon.

Source: Car And Driver, CarScoops