Earlier this year, Kia revealed the Masterpiece Concept at the 2019 Seoul Motor Show. At the time, it was said that the large SUV concept is a preview of a new Kia SUV.

Now, the South Korean marque has officially revealed the first images of the new Mohave, a new version of their body-on-frame SUV with a design that looks almost exactly the same as the Masterpiece Concept.

At first glance, it seems as though no changes were made between the production model Mohave and the Masterpiece Concept. However, taking a closer look you will see some subtle difference including toned-down styling cues here and there.

Up front, the four-point headlight paired with a uniquely designed grill of the Masterpiece Concept has been carried over. Rather than a pair of vertical fog lights, however, the Mohave now has two pair of horizontal LED foglights, similar to other Kia models. At the rear, it's the same story. There's the large taillights with vertical LED designs which are connected to via a red trim piece that runs the length of the tailgate. Probably the biggest change would be the different set of wheels.

Should Kia bring the 2020 Mohave to the Philippines? image

Interestingly, the Mohave doesn't appear to have a Kia badge anywhere on the body. At the front, there's only a Mohave badge on the grill. The side molding also incorporates the vehicle's name, same with the rear. Keen-eyed readers would also notice that the Mohave has a 6-lug configuration, meaning it will likely be capable of going off-road.

At the moment, Kia South Korea has not released any technical details regarding the Mohave. We're not too sure, but it appears to have a V6 badge on the front door and a V6 3.0 badge on the tailgate. No details on the vehicle's interior either but expect it to be all-new and feature a host of Kia's latest tech.

Expect the Mohave to make its official debut in the coming weeks or months. Only then will we know full details regarding Kia's second large SUV. Kia Philippines did offer the Mohave several years ago, though orders were not significant enough and they soon discontinued the model for our market. Perhaps the new model can fare better should Kia bring it to the Philippine market.

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