For those who remember the Dodge Dakota, it was a bit of an oddity. It was too big to be considered a competitor to the likes of the Ford Ranger but too small to be called a full-sized pick-up. The Dakota was axed in the Dodge lineup in 2011, leaving the company without a mid-sized pickup for the last 9 years.

But that could change as the Dakota name has been trademarked yet again. Class 1 midsize pick-ups such as the Chevrolet Colorado, Ford Ranger, along with Toyota Tacoma and/or Hilux, have grown substantially over the years. With that, now might be a good time for the Dakota to come out of retirement and re-enter the Class 1 pick-up game. It might not even come with a Dodge name anymore as their Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) has spun-off their pick-ups under the Ram name.

Should the old nameplate be revived, it might be called the Ram Dakota instead. It's long been rumored in American motoring media that Ram will be adding a mid-sized pick-up in the pipeline. During that time, FCA did confirm those rumors but didn't say what it will be called. With the filing and 'resurrection' of the name, it seems that the revival of the Dakota is underway.

Ram might have two ways to bring back the Dakota. One way is to use the Ram 1500 (formerly known as the Dodge Ram) platform and shorten it to fit in the mid-size pick-up class. The second option could be to utilize the Gladiator chassis (which uses a stretched Wrangler frame) and put Ram's body on top of it. Back in 2018, FCA actually confirmed that they were in the process of building a new midsize pick-up truck. They did not mention any specifics apart from stating that it will go up against similarly-sized competitors, and that it will be built in Mexico.

Of course, Ram is tight-lipped about any plans about their mid-sized pick-up. The only thing they did say is that they have something coming up for 2021, which should be exciting news for pick-up fans.