Having since anticipated the death of the famed snake, the time has finally come when Dodge draws the curtain on the Viper.

Twenty five years since it broke cover in 1991 the Dodge Viper finally ends its tenure. But much like the V10 under its bonnet, things won’t end too quietly for the American coupe. While many were expecting a last hurrah via a ‘final edition’ of the Viper for release, Dodge did the Viper justice not just by making one special edition; They made five.

Each special edition of the Dodge Viper represents certain milestones in the sports car’s life, with most of the models being based off the track-oriented ACR version.

The first among these models is the Viper 1:28 Edition ACR. Shown in black with red stripes on the photo above, the 1:28 Edition commemorates the blisteringly quick lap time of 1:28’65 set by Randy Pobst on Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca. The lap record set by the Viper ACR was made even sweeter by the fact that they beat a lap set by the Porsche 918 Spyder. The 1:28 is fitted with all the go-fast options available for the ACR including the Extreme Aero package as well as carbon ceramic brakes. 28 examples of the 1:28 ACR will be made.

Next we have the Viper GTS-R Commemorative Edition ACR. Bearing a rather familiar white-on-blue-stripe pattern, the GTS-R takes after the scheme of the 1998 Viper GTS-R GT2 Championship Edition. The original GTS-R was built as a limited run model to commemorate Dodge’s win in the FIA GT2 Championship in 1997. 100 examples of the GTS-R Commemorative Edition ACR will be built.

The all-black ACR Viper at the far back is the Viper VooDoo II ACR. Taking after the original VooDoo Viper made in 2010, it distinguishes itself with a graphite racing stripe laid out against the black paint. 31 examples of the VooDoo II will be built.

Unlike the last 3 models mentioned, the Snakeskin Edition Viper GTC is not based off the track-focused ACR, taking the guise of the touring model instead. Wearing a snakeskin green paintjob matched with snakeskin-patterned SRT stripes, the Snakeskin GTC highlights the fact that the Viper was indeed named after a venomous snake. 25 examples of this edition will be built.

The fifth and last special edition to be rolled out is the Dealer Edition ACR (not shown in photo). Only made available from Dodge’s high-volume dealers, the Viper will be painted white with a blue center stripe and a red driver’s stripe and will come with all the go-fast bits on the Viper’s option list. Only 33 examples of this car will be made.

Given that manufacturers are shifting towards smaller displacement, forced induction, and alternative energy sources, it was only a matter of time till the jurrassic 8.4L V10 of the Dodge Viper met its end. And with 25 years of history under its belt, the Viper will always be remembered as the unforgiving, demanding, and brutish sports car that truly defined American muscle.