For years, we've gotten used to the fact that when we order pizza, someone will be delivering it to our doorsteps within an hour or so. By someone, we mean a delivery guy (or girl). Dominos, however, wants to change all of that. Rather than having a delivery person bring us our pizzas, the Pizza chain plans to make autonomous pizza delivery a more common thing by using custom-built unmanned delivery vehicles.

Dominos has partnered with Nuro, a company who specializes in self-driving vehicles, to create a fleet of autonomous pizza delivery vehicles. The system will first be field tested in Houston, Texas later this year, and could be expanded to other markets at a later date should test prove to be successful. The pizza chain will be using Nuro's autonomous vehicle called the R2 in order to deliver customers their pizza.

The new autonomous delivery system works just like a regular pizza delivery service. Order pizza, and instead of a person an autonomous vehicle will be waiting outside your house. For the test period, however, only select customers who order online from participating stores will get the opportunity to experience an unmanned pizza delivery. These customers, who choose to use autonomous delivery, will then get a pin code after they order, which they will have to enter into the courier to get their pizza. They can then track the vehicle via the Domino's app to see whether their food is near.

While autonomous delivery vehicles do revolutionize the way pizza is delivered, it does sound like bad news for pizza delivery personnel as they may be out of a job. However, It does make it more efficient for the pizza chain to deal with numerous orders as well as delivering pizza on time.

If the Dominos and Nuro team prove successful in Houston, it might not be long before we see these autonomous pizza delivery vehicles roaming the streets more often.