If you want a new Civic hatchback here in the Philippines, there's only one way to get it. That would be going for the Type R. But what if you want something a little tamer but still have five doors? Unfortunately, that's not an option here.

Now, there's an updated Civic out new, and we're (still) hoping we'll be getting it in the country.


So what's new for the 2020 model year? Like the sedan, the Civic hatch gets a redesigned front end. However, it does differ slightly from the four-door, just to give the hatchback a little more distinction. The bumper has been extended and it gets larger (faux) corner air intakes, taking a page from its most potent stablemate, the Type R.

As for the rest of the car, not much has changed. However, there are minor tweaks to the rear, particularly the rear bumper which gets different elements on the faux air outlets. Also, there are new wheel designs to keep things fresh.


Inside, it gets the same design updates as the sedan. That means the infotainment system gets an upgrade and now has physical buttons plus a volume knob. The optional audio package even adds tweeters to the rear doors. New trimmings aside, the cabin of the 2020 Civic hatchback is largely similar to the sedan.

But here's something that will delight the enthusiasts. The 1.5-liter turbo engine has been uprated to 180 PS, up from the 172 PS rating of the sedan. Even better? It's paired to a six-speed manual transmission. Essentially, it's a junior Civic Type R for a lot less. But for those who prefer two pedals instead of three, there's also a variant with a continuously variable transmission (CVT) but it retains the 180 PS rating.


The odds of it arriving here? Sadly, it seems null, but one can keep wishing, right? Want one? Perhaps it's time to write petition letters to Honda Cars Philippines then.