Diamond Auto Group EV Corp to bring Dongfeng EVs to the country

With the Philippine market beginning to accept more and more electric vehicles (EVs), it’s no longer surprising to see that manufacturers are starting to take notice. While the local charging infrastructure is still in its infancy, that hasn’t stopped private companies (and automakers) from putting up their own charging stations in the country.

Since electrification is the newest trend taking over the local auto industry, we can also expect to see EV versions of workhorse vehicles arrive in the country. In fact, one of those companies will be Dongfeng Electric Vehicles.

That’s right, Dongfeng EVs will soon be offered in the country which will be managed by Diamond Auto Group EV Corporation. They will be holding a press conference soon and will announce their plans for the Philippine market.

Dongfeng Electric Vehicles coming to PH image

No exact details about what models they will be bringing to the Philippine market were announced, but based on the invitation they sent us, we can already expect several EVs to make their way to the country. These include the; Rich 6, the EC31, the EC36, the EV30, and the EV35.

All of the vehicles will produce zero emissions as it all uses pure electric propulsion. Business owners now have the option to move their goods without the guilt of carbon emissions. From a pickup truck, a box aluminum van, an MPV, a cargo van, and a light commercial truck, Dongfeng’s fleet of EVs will be interesting to see up close once they arrive.

Watch out for more details about Dongfeng Electric Vehicles and what they plan to bring to the local EV market.