A mass-produced electric car seemed like a pipe dream in decades past, but here we are now with automakers putting out battery-powered vehicles. Most are either hatchbacks or sedans, with crossovers slowly swapping their engines for electric motors. Even vans are getting in on it too.

But so far, there are no pickups that are electric-powered. Sure, Rivian revealed a concept earlier this year, but it hasn't reached production yet. But now, there is one that's all set to be in showrooms soon, if you live in China, that is.

Dongfeng Rich 6 could be the world

It's called the Dongfeng Rich 6, and it might just be the world's first production EV pickup truck in the world. If so, it just beat Tesla and Rivian to the punch, along with other major automakers. One could also say that Nissan is also the first to make an electric-powered pickup, as the Dongfeng Rich 6 was co-developed with the Japanese automaker.

First, a quick background on the Rich 6. It is essentially the previous-generation Navara with a different front-end and rear tail lights. Nissan partnered up with Dongfeng to be able to do business in China, and the partnership has been around since 2003.

So, what are the specs? The Rich 6 uses a single motor that makes 160 PS and 420 Nm of torque. Dongfeng didn't mention if it has four-wheel drive or be strictly rear-wheel drive. The company claims a range of approximately 400 kilometers on a single charge. No performance figures mentioned, but top speed is rated at 110 km/h. It also has the capability to reach 80 percent charge from flat in just 45 minutes, adds Dongfeng.

Dongfeng Rich 6 could be the world

While performance specs don't sound too brisk, it is a start for electric-powered pick-ups nonetheless. Who knows, maybe the Navara will have a more powerful set of electric motors in the future, and maybe even the Terra.

The question now is this: Is the world ready for electric pick-ups and mid-sized SUVs?