The Department of Transportation and Communications (DOTC) has allotted Php3.85-B for the supply of new license plates for the Land Transportation Office Motor Vehicle License Plate Standardization Program or 'LTO MV Plate Standardization Program'. The allotted budget will cover approximately 5,236,439 motor vehicles and approximately 9,968,017 motorcycles.

The new license plates for motor vehicles will measure 390mm x 140mm, it will now feature three letters and four digits, instead of the current three letters and three digits. The bottom portion will state the region where the vehicle was initially registered for private vehicles, name of agency for government vehicles, while public utility vehicles will have their franchised route, and other exempt vehicles will state the port of origin.

Motorcycle plates on the other hand will measure 225mm x 105mm with two letters and five digits, adding an extra digit to the existing plates.

Locking bolt

As a security measure, the plates will feature a barcode, and LTO watermarks in front; while an LTO seal will be laser engraved on the back of the plate. The plates will be secured on the vehicle using new special locking bolts to prevent license plate theft.

The DOTC recently issued a notice to invite interested bidders for the supply and delivery of license plates, special screws, and plate stickers for five years from July 2013 to June 2018. The agency’s Bids and Awards Committee will be holding a pre-bid conference on February 28, with the actual start of bidding to take place on March 12.

The agency also said that costs of plates should not exceed Php450 for motor vehicles and Php150 for motorcycles inclusive of stickers and plate screws. Bids that exceed the allotted budget and cost per plate will be rejected.

The LTO MV Plate Standardization Program aims to address the issue of running out of license plate combinations, plate tampering, counterfeiting as well as license plate theft. The license plates will have a validity of five years, and is renewable afterwards. The LTO however has not made any clear announcement as to when vehicles will be required to replace their plates with the new ones.