The Department of Transportation and Communications (DOTC) has released a new set of guidelines with regards to the issuance of Protocol Plates to government officials.

With DOTC’s DO 2014-004, government officials will now have to surrender their original motor vehicle plates to the Land Transportation Office (LTO) first before requesting for protocol plates from the DOTC.

The new protocol plates from the DOTC will have new features as well to ensure that it’s not abused by government officials.  It will now come with expiry dates that coincide with the term of the public official and it will also indicate the office being served or the region the public official is from.

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These protocol plates will then have to be surrendered to the LTO at the end of their term before the government officials can get their original motor vehicle plates.

“Upon the completion of the term of the officials, the protocol plates must be surrendered to LTO, which shall issue a clearance certificate prior to the return of the original plate number to the owner.  The use of protocol plates shall be limited to the term of the officials. It shall bear the markings to indicate its effectivity e.g. 16th Congress, 2010-2016, etc.  To easily identify the special official to whom plates are assigned to, the office or locality they represent shall likewise be indicated on the plates,” said DOTC Secretary Joseph Emilio Abaya.

The DOTC states that government officials who are eligible for protocol plates can avail of a maximum of two sets for motor vehicles registered under their name while the President and the Vice President can be assigned up to four pairs of protocol plates.