The Department of Transportation and Communication (DOTC) has been very busy as of late creating new classifications for transportation in line with the demand of the times and the needs of the people.

After arranging a framework for online-based transportation services, the DOTC has announced that it will launch airport buses in order to address the needs of airline passengers and provide them with more mobility options while also addressing the worsening traffic conditions in and around airport terminals.

“For arriving airline passengers, the first trip is getting from the airport to their homes, hotels, and business centers. We are expanding their options to modern buses, so they will not have to rely on taxis alone,” said Transportation Secretary Joseph Emilio Abaya.

Classified under the newly created Bus Rapid Transit system, airport buses will be required to have improved service levels and have CCTV cameras, be GPS equipped, provide automated bus arrival electronic displays, allow for cashless or automated fare collection systems and have free Wi-Fi.

“This is part of our bus reform program, which will improve passenger safety and convenience. We can boost mobility by promoting high-quality systems that efficiently transport large volumes of passengers,” he said. These new bus categories are cost-effective solutions that can cut down travel time, aid in decongesting clogged streets and enhance passenger experience through scheduled trips and orderly boarding and alighting procedures,” added Abaya.

The DOTC also envisions the buses to be Euro V compliant and as such, should run on alternative fuels like electricity or have hybrid technology.