Two months ago, the Land Transportation Office (LTO) announced that all of the backlogged plates will be available later this year come October 2019. However, it looks like the deadline has been pushed to 2020.

This comes after the Land Transportation Office announced that all backlogged plates from 2013 to mid-2016 will soon be available for pick-up. It might have taken quite a while for the LTO in resolving the issue, but thanks to the new plate making facility, as well as with the help of an automated machine that also produces plates, the LTO has made a total of 1.7 million pairs of license plates last May 2019.

DOTr pushes back deadline of backlogged licnese plates issue to 2020 image

In review, the LTO officially opened the Plate Manufacturing Facility back in April 2018. By our count, the facility has 7 embossing presses / stamping machines, 5 laminating machines, 6 sticker printers and 2 quality control machines.

There's even an automated license plate making machine called 'IDeROBOT' which is capable of producing 700 plates an hour, meaning it can make 5,600 plates in an 8-hour shift. The LTO plans to purchase another IDeROBOT in order to meet backlogs faster.

By October 2019, DOTr hopes to be able to set a new standard that every new car that comes out of a dealer will already have plates on it. 

Registered motorists that wish to see if their plates are already available can check online via