In the last few weeks, social media has been abuzz about a new fad called the In My Feelings challenge.

The challenge is based on a new song by R&B artist Drake and, much like his previous track Hotline Bling, became a social media sensation for its unusual dance routine. The dance was subsequently parodied by social media personalities, but it eventually changed when challengers started hopping out from the driver's (or passenger's) seat of a moving vehicle to dance it.

After the transport and motoring authorities in other countries issued warnings, condemnations, and threats of penalties and arrests over this very dangerous behavior, we had to ask the question: What about #InMyFeelings challengers in the Philippines? 

Thankfully, the Department of Transportation (DOTr) was more than willing to chime in after we spoke to them, though in a rather fun loving way.

DOTr: #InMyFeelings challengers to be charged under ADDA, reckless driving

According to DOTr Director Goddes Hope Libiran, the #InMyFeelings challenge could fall under reckless driving if it was the driver of the vehicle that hopped out to do the dance while being filmed by a passenger or a mounted smartphone/camera.

Moreover, Director Libiran continued that if the driver was filming while the passenger alighted from the vehicle, then that would be a clear violation of the Anti Distracted Driving Act, which in itself carries hefty fines for violators. 

What was made clear though is that the act will only be a violation if done on a public road or national highway. 

As to how the DOTr and LTO will be catching violators, it won't be a problem: challengers do the posting themselves, making it (theoretically) easy to identify and penalize violators.

"We will [monitor], and we will report it to LTO (for private vehicles) and LTFRB (for PUVs)," concluded Ms. Libiran.