The Land Transportation Office will soon launch a program that will make the written exams for licenses just a little bit easier. No, they won't be making the test less difficult. Instead, they will offer the test in several dialects in provinces.

DOTr Secretary Arthur Tugade himself announced the new initiative of the agency. The current status quo sees our written exams in either Tagalog or English. The LTO acknowledged the fact that not everyone in the country speaks or understands the two said languages, hence there's a need for localization in parts of the country that speak a different dialect.

Pinapa-translate ko into local language and dialects ang eksaminasyon. Halimbawa, sa Cebu, Cebuano, sa Mindanao, ang salita nila”,[I am having these (exams) translated to local languages and dialects. For example, in Cebu, Cebuano , in Mindanao, their language] said Tugade.

DOTr, LTO: Driving exams in local dialects coming soon image

Under DOTr Department Order 2020-003, the LTO must formulate and make license examinations available in other local dialects, besides English and Tagalog, with which to be taken as the option of the examinee.

Why the need to have the tests translated? Tugade explained, “Ang pananaw namin diyan, yung mga nag-eexam, baka hindi tama ang English tsaka Tagalog, kaya ilalagay sa mga local dialects and local languages," [In our opinion, those taking the exam might misunderstand English or Tagalog, that is why it will be translated to local dialects and local languages] added Tugade.

Tugade issued the department order to start conducting local language exams last week; location-specific exams with their corresponding dialects will soon be available nationwide. This initiative by the DOTr is being done in coordination with the Land Transportation Office. With that, all LTO Regional Directors are mandated to provide a translation of the driver's license examination in their respective regional language within 30 days from the announcement of the Order.