DOTr issues Memorandum Circular 2021-02 regarding MVIS GAOR

Motorists that are looking to renew their motor vehicle (MV) registrations may soon have to visit the nearest Private Motor Vehicle Inspection Center (PMVIC) before heading to the Land Transportation Office (LTO).

That's because the Department of Transportation (DOTr) recently released a new memo that outlines geographical guidelines for the LTO to only accept Motor Vehicle Inspection Reports (MVIR) from PMVICs in their designated areas. 

MVIS now (sort of) required once more by the LTO image

This DOTr Memorandum Circular published in a national newspaper means that all Land Transportation Offices, be it a District Office (DO) or Extended Office (EO), will only accept Motor Vehicle Inspection Reports (MVIRs) from the authorized PMVICs within their Geographical Area of Responsibility (GAOR).

That means the DOTr and LTO will be matching up PMVICs with LTO DOs and EOs depending on their geographical location.  It also means that, for example, an LTO District Office in Pampanga won't accept an MVISR from a PMVIC in Bulacan and vice versa.

The MC did not declare the specifics of the GAOR are, particularly which PMVIC corresponds to an LTO DO or EO and vice versa.

MVIS now (sort of) required once more by the LTO image

The interesting thing here is that the DOTr is starting to iron out the issues with regards to the implementation of MVIS so they can go all-in with the program after the current troubles are overcome.

Earlier this year, there was a backlash from the public over the requirement for MVIS, prompting Malacanan Palace to declare that the full MVIS is no longer mandatory for registration. The statement from the Palace took into consideration the challenges the public is already facing with the pandemic, and the extra cost of the inspection is an added burden.

This decision from the Executive Branch allowed private motorists to continue renewing their MV registration after going through PMVIC for MVIS testing, but only the emissions and visual inspection are required for registration. The full line of MVIS tests (e.g. brakes, speedometer, etc.) are carried out, but not required to be submitted to LTO as a registration requirement.

MVIS now (sort of) required once more by the LTO image

The new DOTr memo means that MVIR is required, but the status quo remains with the nature of the requirements outlined in the previous memo (MC-SC-2021-01) that says only emissions test and visual inspection will be looked at in the MVIR.

Based on the MC, so as long as the LTO you are trying to renew your registration at is covered by a PMVIC's GAOR, only an MVIR from that PETC will be accepted. If there is no PMVIC in the GAOR of the LTO in your area, then the emissions from the local PETC will do until a PMVIC is operational.

As to how much will the PMVIC process will be, the DOTr will still apply lowered fees from PHP 1,800 to just PHP 600 for private vehicles. PUVs, meanwhile, only need to pay PHP 300. Last but not least, motorcycle riders will now only have to shell out PHP 500.