It seems the Department of Transportation (DOTr) has some very special plans in store for the future of motoring.

Assistant Secretary Leah Quiambao, the spokesperson and head of Communications and Legal Affairs department of the DOTr, said the agency is planning to inaugurate a school that would educate future drivers. This was revealed to during an in-car interview with Asec Quiambao yesterday.

DOTr planning Driver Academy to educate motorists, PUVs

Quiambao further stated that it would be called the Driver Academy, the aim of which is to educate drivers -particularly the drivers of public utility vehicles- to become better and safer drivers. 

Furthermore, the DOTr spokesperson also relayed that such a Driver Academy will have an actual facility, likely to be within the Land Transportation Office's headquarters in Quezon City. The Academy will take in current and aspiring drivers and educate them via classroom instruction and practical tests. Quiambao also stated that it is possible that they could expand the program through partnerships with educational institutions.

DOTr planning Driver Academy to educate motorists, PUVs

Heading up the Driver Academy will be Anneli Lontoc of the DOTr. Lontoc's previous responsibilities with the DOTr was Undersecretary for Land Transport, a position that has been handed to the MMDA's Thomas Orbos, the agency's former officer-in-charge. 

Quiambao says the Driver Academy will be an important part of the DOTr's thrust to uplift the quality and safety of public and mass transport in the Philippines. The current priority program of the government in line with that aim is the PUV Modernization program which may be set to receive funding from the CARS Program.