What you need to know (more) about licenses’ 10-year validity

A few days ago, AutoIndustriya published an article about how to check if you’re qualified for a driver’s license with 10-year validity. Of course, a lot of questions were asked. And who best to answer them that the Department of Transportation (DOTr) itself.

Covering where you can get the licenses, how to get them, and other requirements, here are some clarifications coming from DOTr (translated from Filipino).

1. Not all offices of the Land Transportation Office (LTO) have rolled out the system for the 10-year license validity. To those who will renew their licenses in areas that still don’t have the system, the old system will be used.

* We can only assume they are referring to being able to issue 5-year license validity*

2. For the pilot areas that have started rolling out 10-year validity licenses, Comprehensive Driver’s Education (CDE) will be REQUIRED for all those who will renew their licenses.

3. The CDE exam is a 25-point questionnaire. Its accompanying seminar will be for a maximum of 5 hours that will be available physically (for free in driver’s education centers, and for a fee in accredited driving schools), or online via the Land Transportation Management System (LTMS) Portal.

4. If the examinee does not pass the test, then he/she will have to retake it.

*This actually poses another question: how many retakes will be allowed? We can also assume that since the exam will (most likely) cover fundamentals, rules, and regulations, then all answers must be correct. Getting anything wrong might be acceptable, depending on the question, but that said, is there a set passing grade?


And there you have it, (for now) some clearer guidelines on driver’s licenses and their new 10-year validity. While we do have more things that we wish to be clarified, we’ll try to get those answered and we’ll update this article as new information comes in. So, is your license due for renewal?