The PUV Modernization Program has been one of the government's major Acts since the start of the current administration. Also known as PUVMP, the government has been pushing operators and automakers alike to support it.

There has been a fair number of manufacturers keen to help out the government. Isuzu has been rather proactive lately, turning over units of their new PUVs on a regular basis. Also joining in the PUVMP are Hyundai, Foton, and Suzuki, just to name a few. Now, the Department of Transport (DOTr) is inviting a new player in, and it's the country's largest automaker.

DOTr wants Toyota to join PUV Modernization Program image

That would be Toyota, and the government agency wants them to be a part of the PUVMP as well. DOTr secretary Arthur Tugade met up with Toyota Motor Corporation deputy executive officer, Susumu Matsuda, and Toyota Motor Philippines vice chairman, Alfred Ty, to discuss the brand's participation in the program. Exact details have yet to be made public by the DOTr, and Toyota has also yet to say anything about the meeting.

Should Toyota join the PUVMP, perhaps the most obvious vehicle they use would be the Hiace. The Hiace has long been a staple of UV Express services for well over a decade now. Should they choose the van, it is possible that it will have modifications made to conform to the PUVMP specifications such as the installation of CCTVs and a wireless transaction system (ie. Beep card).

Aside from discussing the possibility of joining the PUVMP, Toyota and DOTr also talked about the implementation of the premium taxi services in the country.