Every auto distributor in the Philippines is having to adapt to the new normal in their own way, particularly with regards to car launches. Whereas before, lavish events were held with all kinds of fancy activities and presentations, the online launch has become the norm.

But while most car manufacturers launch just one product at a time, Ferrari Philippines, now under new distributor MotoStrada, sought to do one better: they launched two droptop models at the same time. In a launch event that was streamed via their social media page, MotoStrada premiered two convertible Ferraris in the country: the new Ferrari 812 GTS as well as the F8 Spider.

The F8 Spider follows the introduction of the F8 Tributo coupe/berlinetta that was launched in August; the Tributo was originally slated for launch in the summer but had to be delayed due to the restrictions brought about by the pandemic.

Double launch: Ferrari PH opens orders for 812 GTS, F8 Spider image

The Spider is the drop-top version of the F8 and continues the proud line of mid-engined, open-top V8 Ferraris that includes the 488 Spider, 458 Spider, F430 Spider, 360 Spider, and all the way back to the 308 GTS; with GTS representing Gran Turismo Spider. Unlike the Ferraris of old which had either a targa top (T-top) or sometimes even a retractable soft top, the F8 Spider has a power-retractable hardtop.

Ferrari says the new F8 Spider's RHT is compact and efficient, and that the model is 20kg lighter overall compared to the 488 Spider which it replaces. Ferrari achieved the weight savings by using special parts that were tested out in other, more extreme Ferrari models like the 488 Pista. 18kg of the 20kg weight loss can be attributed to the use of parts like Inconel exhaust manifolds.

Double launch: Ferrari PH opens orders for 812 GTS, F8 Spider image

The F8 Spider has all the features of the F8 Tributo (new drive software, F1-Trac, S-duct, etc.), but the highlight of which is the 3.9-liter twin-turbo V8 engine that makes 720 PS and 770 Nm of torque. This engine has won the distinction as the International Engine of the Year for the last 4 years and is shared with a lot of other Ferrari V8 models (i.e. Portofino). In the F8, it's mounted midship and is mated to a 7-speed F1 dual-clutch gearbox driving the rear wheels.

100 km/h can be dusted off from a standing start in just 2.9 seconds, and if you have a road long (and safe) enough, Ferrari says you can reach 340 km/h. They didn't mention if that's with the roof off or on though.

“This car is truly a work of art and is a testament of just how versatile the Ferrari brand can be. We could not be any prouder of this milestone; for Motostrada and Ferrari as the prancing horse continues to show its dominance not only in the Philippine market but also throughout the world,” said Mody Llamas Jr., Motostrada president.

Double launch: Ferrari PH opens orders for 812 GTS, F8 Spider image

The other model that Ferrari Philippines debuted tonight is the 812 GTS which, as the letters make clear, is a Gran Turismo Spider as well. Like the F8, this one is a retractable hardtop but is based on the 812 Superfast which has the engine in front, not in the middle or aft of the driver.

The 812 is the current flagship grand tourer of the Ferrari model range, featuring an 800 PS naturally aspirated V12 engine that drives the rear wheels. The new model was penned by the Ferrari Styling Centre to be elegant and sporty, using design cues from past models like the 365 GTB4 Daytona. And with the roof in the retracted position, Ferrari retained two buttresses that give the car a very striking look.

Double launch: Ferrari PH opens orders for 812 GTS, F8 Spider image

The 812 GTS has all the same driving performance enhancers and aids like the 812 Superfast, up to and including a power oversteer mode for those that like to light up the rear tires with the 6.5-liter V12 matched with a 7-speed dual-clutch gearbox. 100 km/h is dispatched in less than three seconds and on to a top speed exceeding 340 km/h. Ferrari didn't give exact numbers for both, which is unusual.

“With the 812 GTS, Ferrari takes a piece of its rich history and mold it into a new breed of automotive innovation. We are thrilled for the return of a tradition, coming back with the most powerful production convertible that is ready to take the local automotive industry by storm,” said Mody Llamas Jr., Motostrada President.

Double launch: Ferrari PH opens orders for 812 GTS, F8 Spider image

Both the F8 Spider and 812 GTS are now available for order at Ferrari's official distributor: MotoStrada. As always, given the sensitivity of the pricing of these vehicles to foreign exchange rates and the numerous custom options available to clients, Ferrari doesn't typically disclose any SRPs. But if you have to ask, expect prices to be just as shocking as befitting the performance.