Farmers and fishermen living in two barangays on the island of Almagro, Samar can now send goods and produce from one barangay to another without having to use a motorboat. That's because the Deparment of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) recently completed two road projects that enables land travel between the neighboring barangays.

Built to boost the local economy, the project consists of two roads that connect Barangay Poblacion to Barangay Imelda and vice versa. The road going out of Poblacion to Imelda measures 1.92-kilometers while the other thoroughfare from Imelda to Poblacion spans 1.94 kilometers. In addition, both roads are 3-meters wide and are 230mm thick.

According to DPWH Samar First District Engineering Office (SFDEO) chief Alvin Ignacio, the combined 3.9km road projects were built with a budget of Php 100 million. Before, the locals' only means of travel from one part of the island to another was through motorboats.

“With the completion of these road projects, local fishermen and farmers can now easily exchange produce without the need for motorboats. This makes travel and transport easier, safer and more convenient,” said Ignacio.

Come 2019, the DPWH-SFDEO plans to make a circumferential road that will connect more barangays in Almagro. Known as the 'center of goat-raising industry' in Samar, further infrastructure development will help Almagro realize its full potenital in the agriculture industry added the DPWH.