The Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) has penciled in Php8 billion out of its massive Php46 billion nationwide flood control project budget for cities in Metro Manila that have been frequently affected by flooding during the rainy season.

Quezon City gets the biggest slice of the budget at Php1.47 billion for 96 projects while Manila gets Php1.21 billion for 62 projects, Marikina is third with Php696.2 million for 21 projects, Muntinlupa City gets Php 499.95 million for 34 projects, Makati City receives Php 480 million for 14 projects, Caloocan City will use Php 471.24 million for 15 projects, San Juan City’s budget is Php 427.25 million for 24 projects, Pasay City will work with Php 401.36 million for 11 projects, Valenzuela City gets Php 363.86 million for 11 projects.

Pasig City, which has seen its fair share of floods in recent years will get Php 340.74 million for 19 projects while Las Piñas receives Php 318.05 million for 6 projects; Taguig City, Php 289.88 million for 7 projects; Malabon City, Php 246.66 million for 9 projects; Navotas City, Php 213.18 million for 10 projects; Parañaque City, Php 74.75 million for 3 projects, and the least flood-prone city Mandaluyong gets Php 5.5 million for one project.

The DPWH-NCR office got allotted an exclusive and separate fund of Php971 million for 17 flood control projects, 16 of which are part of the CAMANVA (Caloocan, Malabon, Navotas and Valenzuela) Flood Control Project, which includes raising of the Polder dike and slope protection in Barangay Dampalit, Php150 million; dredging of the Malabon-Tullahan River, Php124 million; upgrading of the Niugan bridge, Php50 million; strengthening of the river wall in Barangay Concepcion, Php60 million; strengthening of river wall from Tenejeros Bridge to Acacia, Php75 million; strengthening of the Marala River walls, Php50 million, and slope protection along Longos Creek, Php40 million.

The desilting of the San Dionisio River in Parañaque City is the 17th project with a budget of Php40 million.

“All these interventions are already going on but they cannot be finished overnight,” said Public Works Secretary Rogelio Singson in a text message to the Inquirer.

Source:  The Philippine Daily Inquirer