With the construction of Skyway Stage 3 still far from complete, the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) recently opened a new temporary off-ramp near Java Street in Makati City. This would allow Skyway users from the South to exit 1-km further than the current northbound off-ramp of Buendia Avenue.

To be specific, the DPWH has opened a 3-lane northbound portion of the Skyway Stage 3 from Buendia Avenue up to Java Street. The new section is 1-km long and will be opened until the full completion of Phase 1, which ends in President Quirino Avenue in Manila. It was opened in order to help alleviate traffic in Metro Manila, specifically to users of the Skyway.

Currently, only one lane is passable to motorists, but will eventually be expanded into two lanes. Once Skyway Stage 3 is complete however, it will have a total of four lanes when the southbound on-ramp is opened to the public.

In review, Skyway Stage 3 project is a 17.54 km long, six-lane, elevated expressway stretching over the entirety of Metro Manila. Once completed, Skyway Stage 3 will have eight access ramps/interchanges strategically located in the following areas: Buendia Avenue, (South Super Highway, Makati City), Quirino Avenue (Malate, Manila), Plaza Dilao (Paco, Manila), Nagtahan/Aurora Boulevard (Manila), E. Rodriguez Avenue (Quezon City), Quezon Avenue (Quezon City), Sgt. Rivera St. (Quezon City) and NLEX.