The holidays may be just around the corner, but the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) is working around the clock to finish road projects that will help motorists get to their destinations just in time for Christmas and New Year.

Just recently, the DPWH finished working on the typhoon-damaged Siffu Bridge in Isabela ahead of schedule. Located along the busy Santiago-Tuguegarao Road in Roxas, Isabela, the bridge was closed to traffic since October 30, 2018 after being damaged by Typhoon Rosita. But thanks to efforts done by the DPWH, the temporary bridge will provide motorists ease of transport for those traveling from Isabela to Tuguegarao, and vice versa.

Work on the temporary steel bridge began last November 8, 2018 and was completed in less than a month with a total budget of Php 7.5 million. It spans 90-linear meters and is passable to light vehicles like vans, jeeps and cars. Heavy vehicles have yet to be allowed although the DPWH did say that vehicles with a gross vehicle weight of 10 tons are allowed to pass through. The new permanent bridge will be constructed soon and will need a budget of Php 620 million.

“Expected completion of works on Siffu Bridge is on the 20th of December but by working 24/7 through concerted efforts coming from the contractor and field personnel, our team was able to finish the temporary steel bridge structure more than two weeks ahead of schedule,” said Melanio C. Briosos, DPWH Region II Director.

While awaiting the construction of a new permanent bridge, the DPWH will be working closely with local police and town officials in order to strictly implement a weight restriction along Siffu Bridge. This will ensure that the temporary steel bridge will be stable and secure long enough for the DPWH to finish building a new bridge.