It looks like DPWH Secretary Mark Villar will not be able to inspect any major road infrastructure projects any time soon. That's because Villar recently announced that he tested positive for COVID-19.

In a statement he posted on Facebook, the DPWH Secretary said that he found out about it after receiving the test results yesterday. “I regret to announce that today, July 15, I received my test result and it is positive for COVID-19,” posted Villar.

Following his announcement, Villar decided not to attend the opening of the final section of TPLEX yesterday. He will also be skipping other scheduled inspections in the country, including the scheduled visit of the new terminal building of the Clark International Airport in Pampanga.

Villar did not mention as to where he might have contracted the contagious virus. But given that the DPWH Secretary constantly inspects ongoing projects around the country, it might have been possible that he contracted it somewhere. Since he tested positive, the agency is now doing contact tracing in order to see who else might have come into close contact with Villar.

Just last Monday, Villar was appointed as the country's “Isolation Czar” among government officials tapped to lead the country's COVID-19 patients. During the briefing, Villar said that the government has a total of 55,416 available beds in local and national quarantine facilities in the country for COVID-19 patients.

With infections continuing to rise in the country, Villar said that they plan to build 50 more quarantine facilities in the country, even though he is in quarantine himself to protect his family and colleagues.