There’s a new product in town, and it comes with some very ambitious claims.

Drift Xaust, a Rizal-based automotive aftermarket shop, is introducing their new Speed Booster, an electronic device that is designed to adjust the throttle response of most modern vehicles. 

GM Bugayong, the owner of Drift Xaust, claims that the new device has a lot of benefits for those that opt to install it.

“Our Speed Booster is a plug-and-play device that can be fitted to many current vehicles in the market,” said Bugayong. “The device plugs into your ETC unit and amplifies the signal it sends to your ECU to improve throttle response and acceleration.”

The Speed Booster is intended to be fitted on a variety of drive-by-wire vehicles; meaning cars, SUVs, pick-ups or even vans so long as it has an electronic throttle control (ETC) unit. 

Drift Xaust offers device to improve acceleration, prevent SUA

With the device installed, the driver can then easily select between a variety of programs (P1 or P2) for sharper throttle response for spirited driving or quicker overtaking, even on uphill roads. If the driver so chooses, the Speed Booster can even slow down the throttle response for smoother and more economical driving; Drift Xaust claims that it can yield anywhere between 3-8% in fuel savings.

“There are many kinds of devices in the market that work on the principle of amplifying the signal your car’s ECU gets,” continued Bugayong. “What sets our Speed Booster apart is the intelligent programming that can adjusts and learns depending on your throttle habits.”

The biggest benefit, according to Bugayong, can be felt in automatic transmission vehicles as the device effectively reduces the lag of the gearbox by improving engine response. The Speed Booster can also be set to anti-theft mode; with this setting enabled, the engine will not accelerate past idle.

But perhaps the loftiest claim made by Drift Xaust is that their Speed Booster can prevent incidents of sudden unintended acceleration (SUA). We actually had to ask twice, just to be sure we got the information correctly.

“Our Speed Booster has a safety feature that gives it the ability to detect anomalies in the throttle signal,” says the owner of Drift Xaust. “If it senses an unusual or abnormally strong signal from the ETC, it will not send that to the ECU, preventing an SUA incident.”

Bugayong also states that the device won’t void warranties outright, given that there is no wire splicing or soldering involved. 

These are some big claims from Drift Xaust about their Speed Booster. They'll make it available for a variety of makes and models, and price it at PhP 12,500. The device is made in Japan for Drift Xaust and is backed up by a 3 year warranty.