In its non-stop drive for a greener future, Honda Cars Philippines, Inc. (HCPI) recently gathered almost 100 students from the country's premier universities like Ateneo de Manila University, De La Salle University, Enderun Colleges, Miriam College, University of Asia and the Pacific and University of the Philippines to promote environmental awareness among the leaders of tomorrow. Honda partnered with AIESEC Philippines, a global student organization that gives importance in world issues and leadership development, to actively face environmental issues that our society is going through.

In advocating green awareness, Honda organized a fuel efficiency driving competition called Honda Challenge Cup in the morning and an environmental forum in the afternoon.

Faced with the hurdles of unstable fuel prices, depleting fuel supply and excessive exhaust emissions, Honda challenged the students to make every drop of fuel matter and to initiate change among them. As novice drivers, Honda taught these young students the correct driving techniques in achieving better fuel mileage. Honda appealed among the participants to regularly apply these techniques in their daily trips and eventually turn it into a habit. Driving every drop of fuel may sound tricky but can be easily achieved by considering three basic factors: vehicle, driver and fuel. A proper vehicle, equipped with advanced technologies like the i-VTEC engine, which is driven using proper techniques and is powered with high grade fuel that aids better combustion all contribute in optimizing fuel economy.

To demonstrate these practical driving tips under real-world situations, Honda provided City, Jazz, Civic and Accord models during Honda Challenge Cup. This fuel economy competition posed various challenges in both city and highway driving conditions using normal driving style and with a running airconditioning system. Using the basic formula, VEHICLE plus DRIVER plus FUEL equals FUEL ECONOMY, the students were able to accomplish remarkable results. Joseph Manguiat and Princess dela Paz of the University of the Philippines posted 30.74 km/li using the 1.3 li City with automatic transmission. Luis Martinez and Paolo de Dios of the University of Asia and the Pacific topped the 1.5 City class with 19.53 km/li fuel mileage. As for the Jazz category, Earl Go and Marc Go of Ateneo de Manila University led 1.3 liter class with 21.64 km/li while Vince Murga and Ico Rivera, also from Ateneo de Manila University, led 1.5 liter class with 25.90 km/li. Meanwhile, the team of Edmarl Tecson and Brian Lee of Enderun Colleges generated 23.65 km/li using 1.8 Civic AT and Horace Cimafranca and Nadaine Tongco of the University of the Philippines posted 15.12 km/li with the 3.5 liter Accord AT.

By noon time, a new set of students arrived to witness fruitful exchange of information during the environment forum. Having "Working together towards environmental Harmony" as theme, the forum not only aimed to provide a situational background on the environment but also meant to identify the course towards achieving a sustainable society. While it is true that mankind's activities have posed severe damage to Mother Nature, humanity is also the key to the solution. Economic development and environmental preservation can, in fact, exist harmoniously with the combined efforts and commitment of the three sectors of society namely: the general public, private sector and the government. And in giving a holistic perspective on this matter, guest speakers of the forum represented different sectors of society. Dr. Gerry Bagtasa of the University of the Philippines shared the actual situation of air pollution in the country while Mr. Roy Cabonegro of Partido Kalikasan talked about the Clean Air Act. To represent the private sector, Honda shared its vision and technological advancements that are geared toward sustainable mobility. Being one of the largest engine manufacturers in the world, Honda takes the lead in developing products and technologies with minimal impact on the environment.

In conducting an environment awareness campaign such as this, Honda hopes to inspire change and ably equip these future leaders in facing bigger challenges. Honda always takes pleasure in spending time with the youth. Just like these students, Honda is driven with youthful passions, dreams and ambitions that have led in the creation of innovative mobility products for the benefit of society.