Are you a Grab user? If so, then here's a bit of good news.

Recently, Grab Philippines launched the ‘Safer Everyday Tech Roadmap’ which aims at addressing the safety issues and concerns in the local Transport Network Vehicle Service (TNVS).

Driver Selfie Authentication featured in new Grab PH security tech


Under the new safety campaign, Grab is set to introduce new product enhancements that are aimed at raising safety standards not just for their patrons, but to their driver partners as well. From features that can track each of their location/s in real-time, to telematics that can monitor a driver’s fatigue and condition, Grab is looking to make every ride a safe journey for everyone.

One of the key features that will be rolled out by the company in Q4 of 2018 is the 'driver selfie' authentication. With it, driver-partners will have to verify their profiles onto the app in order to accept jobs and bookings. Failing to verify their profiles with the system will not allow them to accept any type of jobs. Apart from that, driver-partners can also contact Grab Security in an event they are in imminent danger. There's also the driver fatigue monitoring system that checks up on the driver's amount of hours logged in, rest between shifts, total number of bookings, and age & profile as such.

Driver Selfie Authentication featured in new Grab PH security tech

Besides keeping their driver-partners safe, Grab will also be introducing other safety features for their riders. One of which will be the Share-My-Ride function. In a nutshell, this will allower riders' to share their real-time location to their relatives or loved ones while in transit in a Grab vehicle.

Apart from the new security features, Grab also partnered with PNP-HPG in conducting several training seminars for their drivers. Part of the company’s Grab Academy roadmap, PNP-HPG will train drivers in basic road safety, anti-carnapping, anti-highway robbery, as well as other anti-criminal seminars and training. Drivers can also aid the PNP-HPG by sending real-time information of an accident or criminal activity by way of a dedicated text reporting system.

Driver Selfie Authentication featured in new Grab PH security tech

The company is also working alongside the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) and the Land Transportation & Franchising Regulatory Board (LTFRB) in preventing the delivery or transportation of illicit packages that may contain illegal drugs.

Additional safety training from the Philippine Red Cross (PRC) will also be given to drivers. The PRC will provide first aid training to all Grab drivers while all Grab vehicles will come with first aid kits which can be used by the driver or passenger in times of emergencies.

Driver Selfie Authentication featured in new Grab PH security tech

“Safety in the TNVS industry should be a collaborative effort between transport network companies, government agencies, driver-partners, and passengers. We are delighted to have everyone’s support and commitment today in providing a safer everyday for our fellow Filipinos,” said Brian Cu, Grab Philippines’ Country Head.