Heritage Customs reveals the Defender-based Valiance Convertible

Despite being known the world over for making luxury SUVs and go-anywhere 4x4s, Land Rover used to be known for making convertibles as well. Back in late 2015, Land Rover revealed the soft-top Evoque Convertible. That’s right, the previous generation Evoque was available with a folding roof.

Unfortunately, it was not long for this world as the convertible variant was dropped after just a few years. As for the next-generation Evoque, it is sadly no longer available as a convertible. But what if we told you the all-new Defender is now the one that’s available with a soft top?

LOOK: Soft top Land Rover Defender is one cool convertible image

Say hello to the Valiance Convertible, the droptop version of the Land Rover Defender. But before you contact your nearest Land Rover dealership, this is not actually made by the folks from Coventry. Instead, this particular Defender is made by Heritage Customs, a coachbuilder based in The Netherlands. So how is one able to get a convertible version of the Defender?

For starters, an interested customer will have to supply Heritage Customs with a short-wheelbase Defender 90. The transformation from a hardtop to a soft top will take about three months and includes the specifics as requested by the customer.

LOOK: Soft top Land Rover Defender is one cool convertible image

With the roof and rear pillars chopped off, the coachbuilder will then install an FIA-approved roll cage structure that will reinforce the frame and support the custom soft top. The new folding roof can be had in different colors and is semi-automatic in operation. Once the driver manually unlatches the locks, the roof can then be electronically deployed to provide open-air motoring.

Drop-top 2023 Land Rover Defender conversion is neat (and pricey) image

Apart from the special soft top, the interior can also be customized to one’s liking. From the type and color of the leather upholstery to the contrast stitching, as well as the diamond-quilt patterns and 3D-etched inlays, Heritage Customs can make each of the Valiance Convertible’s cabins unique from one another.

On the outside, the Valiance Convertible comes with unique alloy wheels and tires from the coachbuilder’s catalog. From 20-inch wheels make to look like steelies as well as the optional 22-inch alloys, those that plan to get a soft-top Defender can make it look good either on-road or off-road.

LOOK: Soft top Land Rover Defender is one cool convertible image

How much will the convertible conversion cost you? With a price tag of EUR 85,000, the droptop transformation will easily set you back around PHP 5.2 million and that doesn’t include the price of the donor vehicle yet. Add the available extras and options and the Valiance Defender will most likely cost a hefty fortune.

But for those that can afford it, you’ll be happy to know you will be one of the only lucky few that owns a soft-top Defender.