It seems like the implied impending death of the four-door sedan has been greatly exaggerated. As a matter of fact, more automakers are going public in stating that the sedan still has a lot of life left in them. There's Honda, Nissan, Subaru, just to name a few. You can now add Hyundai to that list.

Yes, Hyundai is still committed in making sedans for the masses. That's what Thomas Schemera, Hyundai Motor Company's executive vice president for product and strategy, said. When asked about the future of the sedan, he believes that there is still a lot of potential for the classic body style. He even had some words for other brands abandoning the segment.

“If you ask my personal opinion, (Ford, FCA, etc. dropping sedans in favor of SUVs and CUVs) is a big mistake. Everybody is going now for SUVs, everybody thinks that the market for sedans is going down,” said Schemera, speaking to automotive website Jalopnik. He then added, “How boring is life if you just see SUVs on the road? This is boring”.

Dropping sedans

So what is Hyundai's strategy for sedans? For Schemera, it's all about differentiation. He adds that it's up to the automaker to make sedans feel distinct from one another, as well as injecting more style into them. Again, pointing to other brands, he had this to say.  “Everybody thinks ‘Oh, forget about sedans! This doesn’t work!’ They have to put more brain into it, you know? Yeah, to make the difference. Maybe to design, to compose, or to interpret a sedan more differently. The space and utilization of a sedan is from my point of view also unbeatable. This is a nice thing.”

Despite Hyundai rolling out a significant amount of crossovers in the past couple of years, their lineup still has a strong range of sedans. On a global scale, there's the Xcent, Reina, Accent, Elantra, i40, Sonata, and Grandeur just to name a few. That's not including the Genesis luxury brand yet, which has the G70, G80, and G90. Hyundai also little reason to let go of sedans. The Xcent is proving to be a best-seller in India, the Accent is all-new while the Reina is starting to see wider horizons beyond China. At the same time the Elantra received a major design overhaul while the Sonata got a dramatic redesign.