Tyremart Incorporated, the official importer and distributor of Dunlop Tires in the Philippines since 1984, is about to launch the latest version of the company's tire that sets the standard for comfort without breaking the bank.

The tire is the new Dunlop SP Sport LM705, the latest model belonging to the brand's very successful and still very popular Le Mans or LM tire line up. Dunlop regional executives, together with Tyremart Inc. president Chris Chilip, presented the new SP Sport LM705 to dealers and members of the press to sample the performance of the new tire.

Dunlop SP Sport LM705 gets some inspiration from... ninjas image

The key to the LM705 is the long list of improvements that Dunlop incorporated into the engineering of the tire. Dunlop came up with a new philosophy that takes some inspiration from Japan's ninjas: they call it Shinobi Technology.

The sidewall of the new SP Sport LM705 has been profiled to absorb more of the harshness of the road and prevent it from affecting overall comfort. They did this by allowing the sidewall to flex like a sprint when it hits a bump on the road, generating a cushioning effect as it rolls on the road.

Dunlop also adopted a new tire tread pattern that was intended to disperse the uncomfortable vibration from driving. They did this by increasing the number of blocks on the tread pattern. The new tread pattern not only promises better shock absorption, but reduced road noise as well.

Dunlop LM705 image

The footprint of the LM705 is also entirely new, and Dunlop redesigned it to further aid in shock absorption and noise suppression. What Dunlop did was to rework the footprint to be rounder, allowing the noise and vibrations to be more effectively managed on the road at speed.

Through their new Shinobi Technology for the LM705, Dunlop says that they achieved significant improvements in overall comfort, all while preserving or even enhancing the wet and dry handling, braking performance, fuel economy, and the other qualities that customers require of a tire.

The company claims that there is a 10% reduction in vertical axial force input, meaning the tire's sidewall suppresses more of the vertical motions generated by uneven surfaces. Dunlop also says they achieved a 24% reduction in road noise over the current LM704; a huge leap for any new tire model compared to its predecessor.

According to Dunlop Philippines, the new SP Sport LM705 will be available in a variety of sizes for many passenger vehicles in 2020.