It looks like the Philippine National Police (PNP) will soon be able to catch drivers that go over the speed limit, as well as those that drive while under the influence of alcohol red-handed. This came after President Duterte recently gave the greenlight for the PNP to purchase Php 330 million worth of radar speed guns and other devices.

According to PNP Lt. General Archie Francisco Gamboa, the President gave the go-ahead in order to address the growing number of road accidents in the country as of late. Gamboa also added that Duterte wants the PNP to immediately purchase the necessary equipment.

However, there is no exact date as to when the PNP will be able to get their hands on the new equipment. The reason, being is that they have yet to start the bidding process for the procurement of the new radar speed guns. Apart from the said devices, the PNP also plans on acquiring several breathalyzers in order to check for drunk drivers on the road, and weighing scales for overloaded vehicles.

With the MMDA imposing a 60 km/h speed limit across all circumferential and radial roads, the PNP's planned procurement of new speed radar guns might help curb speeding drivers that do not follow the said speed limit. As for the breathalyzers, these might significantly help the authorities in capturing drunk drivers.

Despite the Anti-Drunk Driving Law taking effect last March 2015, there are still cases where drunk drivers have caused havoc (and fatalities) on the road.

Last October 2018, a 50-year old parking attendant by the name of Celso Calacat was killed by an alleged drunk driver along Tomas Morato Avenue. Calacat was on his way to assist a parked car near the corner of Tomas Morato Avenue and Scout Fuentebella when he was hit by a BMW X5 traveling at high speed. Calacat's body was dragged 30 meters before coming to a stop on the intersection between Tomas Morato and Scout Fernandez.

The drunk driver, Ed Christopher Siquian Go, tried to flee the scene but was apprehended by the authorities two blocks away. Sadly, Calacat was pronounced dead at 1:00 AM when he was taken to the Capitol Medical Center.

With the PNP set to get new equipment to help pursue against erring drivers, perhaps the authorities will have a better chance of building cases against these types of drivers. Here's to hoping the PNP's new gear will be put to good use.

Source: Philippine Star