Presumptive president Rodrigo Duterte will push for strict implementation of a 60km/h speed limit along EDSA, Metro Manila's major thoroughfare; once he assumes office on June 30 as the 16th President of the Philippines.

He will be asking the PNP-HPG and MMDA to actively apprehend speeding drivers along the thoroughfare to reduce the risk of vehicle accidents. This was announced at a press conference in Davao.

Duterte also signified his stance against drunk drivers. He says he wants to clamp down on these drivers that endanger the safety of other motorists, commuters and pedestrians.

He warned would be violators of the speed limit and Anti Drunk Driving Law to take his warnings seriously.

"If you are caught speeding, I will strip you naked in the middle of the highway and call the media. I dare you to file charges against me," declared Duterte.

"EDSA will be 60km/h, if the police do not chase after you and I see it on camera; I will chase after the police. I want to make this an equal responsibility - for motorists, law enforcement and myself," he added. 


An Anti Drunk or Drugged Driving Law (Republic Act 10586) was signed into law by President Benigno Aquino III in May of 2013. This law penalizes DUI violations between PhP20,000 to Php500,000 with prison terms of 3 months to as much as 20 years.

This law has not been strictly implemented, despite the issuance of implementing rules and regulations and supposed 'official implementation' on March 12, 2015.