Still more than a month away from officially getting sworn into office as the 16th President of the Republic of the Philippines, Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, has been zeroing in on numerous mobility issues in Metro Manila including the maximum speed limit on EDSA and cab drivers who do not give passengers exact change.

Speaking to the media early this week, incoming president Duterte addressed taxi drivers nationwide and criticized the common practice of not giving exact change to passengers.

"Iyung mga taxi both dito sa Davao at Maynila, alam mo, kapag kinuha mo iyung kasi wala kang sinsilyo (change) at hindi mo talaga ibinalik, that is estafa. That is not a simple violation. Kayong mga cab driver, dapat meron kayong loose change," said Duterte.

[Taxis in both Davao and Manila, if you take the (passenger's) money and you don’t return the exact change that is estafa. That is not a simple violation. You cab drivers, you must have loose change.]

Duterte asked taxi companies to provide their drivers with enough change before they start their trip and for passengers to also estimate how much the trip will cost so as to have as close to exact amount as possible.

He further suggested that taxi drivers go to their suking tindahan (friendly neighborhood store) and have their money changed in case they run out of loose change.