Renewing or applying for a driver's license in the future may soon require a mandatory drug test like before.

In 2013, Republic Act 10586 or the 'Anti Drunk and Drugged Driving Act of 2013' was passed. With it, license renewals and applications for professional and non-professional driver's licenses no longer needed a mandatory drug test. While initially a requirement in order to deter users of illicit substances from getting behind the wheel, it allegedy became a source of corruption, leading to its abolishment.

However, President Rodrigo Duterte is looking at bringing it back. According to Land Transportation Office (LTO) Chief Assistant Secretary Edgar Galvante, the President personally told the LTO to study the possiblity of implementing it once more. It will cover both new applicants, as well as those that will renew their licenses as part of his 'War on Drugs' campaign.

Duterte wants to bring back mandatory drug testing for license renewal image

Should it officially be brought back, new applicants and those that want to renew their driver's license will need to submit themselves for a medical exam at LTO-authorized drug testing centers. There, they will be requiered to give a urine sample as well as have their biometric data collected. If the applicant fails the drug test, there will be a confirmatory test in order to fully check for any illegal substances. Still failing that, and the drug testing center will inform the LTO office for appropriate actions.

While this system may reduce the number of drug users on the road, it was supposedly marred by corruption and consisted of irregularities. But with the LTO trying to clean up its act under the Duterte administration, perhaps this could be for the better. For now, we'll just have to wait and see if it does return.