Remember when Dyson said they want to build cars? Yes, that Dyson, the company that makes vacuum cleaners. If you don't recall, let's jog your memory a bit.

Back in October 2017, Sir James Dyson said that he wants to enter the automotive industry by the year 2020, and he's invested £2 billion into the whole thing. He even said that he won't be asking help from car manufacturers as the company's founder believes that automakers no longer have anything new to offer. There were even about to set up a plant in Singapore too.

Fast forward two years later and Dyson announced that he has pulled the plug on the project. So, what happened?

According to Dyson himself, his team and engineers already have the car in mind and what it will be like. However, the task of building and developing a car from the ground up with no help from other car manufacturers has proven extremely difficult...and expensive. Dyson says that, if they were to continue this plan, it would not be commercially viable anymore.

Dyson pulls the plug on electric car plans image

They were right in saying that they had a car in mind already. Just a few months back in May, there was a leaked patent image filed by the company as to what it could look like. They were planning a low-slung, three-row MPV or crossover powered by their own electric motors and batteries. It was to be unveiled next year had the company continued their plans to enter the automotive industry.

Dyson is now faced with a new problem. With around 600 people employed for this project, they now find themselves redundant within the company. Dyson said that they will be distributed within the various home divisions of the company, or be compensated for all the contributions they made.