e:NP2 will be made by GAC-Honda joint venture

Things are moving quite well for Honda and its all-electric models over at the PRC. Back in April, Honda previewed its next batch of e:N EV models at the 2023 Auto Shanghai.

But just seven months later, Honda looks to be ready to roll out one of those concepts. The Japanese brand has revealed the production version of the e:NP2 electric SUV at the 2023 Auto Guangzhou.

e:NP2 is Honda's next EV crossover image

Based on reports, the Honda e:NP2 is underpinned by the e:N Architecture F, which is Honda's existing front-wheel-drive EV platform used by the e:NP1.

In terms of the looks, there's no dramatic change in the production version of the e:NP2 compared to the prototype. It has a sloping roofline and a fastback-style rear end, but it seems to be bigger in size compared to the HR-V based e:NP1.

e:NP2 is Honda's next EV crossover image

Inside, the e:NP2 has a combination of black panels with white upholstery. While the e:NP1 had a reworked version of the HR-V's dashboard, the e:NP2 features a completely new design with a letterbox instrument panel and a landscape-oriented infotainment touchscreen. The steering wheel also has a different design, and the space that's usually occupied by a transmission tunnel has been freed up in the middle.

The Honda e:NP2 has a single electric motor that puts out 204 PS. Based on the power output, this could be the same motor powering the e:NP1. It has a 68.8 kWh battery that gives it a range of around 510 kilometers based on the CLTC cycle.

e:NP2 is Honda's next EV crossover image

Honda plans to put the production version of the e:NP2 on sale in the Chinese market by Q1 2024 and will be built under the GAC-Honda joint venture.

For now, there's no clear indication yet if the e:NP2 will be offered elsewhere. But considering that Honda rolled out the China-developed e:Ny1 in Europe and the e:N1 soon in the ASEAN market, the possibility is there.