Is this the solution to the long lines for RFID sticker installation?

There is less than a month left before all expressways in the country switch to a cashless form of payment. That also explains the long queue of motorists at toll plazas and RFID installation sites.

Because of the sheer number of car owners trying to beat the deadline set by DOTr for acquiring and installing RFID stickers, toll booths and other installation sites along the expressways continue to deal with long lines of vehicles daily. Having a limited daily supply of RFID stickers allocated for installation stations doesn't help much, either.

To address this problem, Easytrip Services Corporation (ESC) said that they will be re-launching the stick-it-yourself RFID kits. Speaking with, Easytrip's Jay Calma said they were able to gather useful information after initially making the stick-it-yourself install kits available last August 2020.

“We launched it before but we need to tweak it more. We gathered inputs from the first launch. As a result, we will have additional guidelines and a wider info campaign on it. We have new operational processes so the customers can install it properly,” said Calma.

While the stick-it-yourself kit was able to help motorists get an RFID sticker early, it seems that some users had trouble putting the sticker properly on the headlight of their vehicle. Moreso, some users weren't able to follow the accompanying guide on how to activate the said sticker.

“We will relaunch stick-it-yourself self install kits with more lessons learned from initial launch. The official online store will be initially Shopee. We are still negotiating with Lazada,” added Calma.

Besides having plans to re-launch the DIY sticker kit, ESC also plans to release dedicated machines for reloading, as well as have more online facilities to help customers secure or reload their RFID accounts.

“We have a lot in works [sic] that are online and unmanned for reloading, account management, and balance inquiry. Basically everything we can do on our point-of-sale system,” said Calma.

With ESC busy making RFID kits available online for customers, perhaps this will help motorists get an RFID sticker much faster. Combined with Easytrip making additional guidelines and using better, more concise instructions about the stick-it-yourself RFID, motorists that have no time to go to installation sites could soon be able to have their sticker delivered to their homes.