Interoperability RFID tags now available

Finally, motorists can now use a single RFID sticker to traverse Luzon's major expressways.

EasyTrip has announced users who have the Neology (RFID Duo) stickers can now register their RFID to Autosweep so it can be used in SMC tollways like TPLEX, Skyway System, NAIAx, SLEX, MCX, and Star.

The Neology RFID / RFID Duo is the newest sticker that EasyTrip is offering to motorists and is the one that allows for interoperability between the two toll operators. In case existing EasyTrip users do not have the Neology RFID / RFID Duo stickers yet, all they need to do is go to the nearest Easytrip RFID Station, bring their car and current RFID card, then request for a replacement RFID.

EasyTrip RFID owners can now register on AutoSweep image

Once EasyTrip users already have the Neology RFID / RFID duo, only then will they be able to add an Autosweep account to that sticker. However, motorists should take note that they still need to maintain two separate load wallets; meaning their EasyTrip RFID load cannot be used on the SMC Tollways that use Autosweep.

For motorists who already have both EasyTrip and Autosweep RFID stickers on their vehicles, EasyTrip says availing of the Neology RFID is not mandatory. Motorists can still keep both since they still need to maintain two RFID wallets anyway.

Thus, the Neology RFID / RFID duo sticker serves as the better option for those who just bought brand-new vehicles or those who haven't subscribed yet to both EasyTrip and Autosweep, as they only need to go to one RFID site to avail of both services.