Helen and John Taylor, better known as "The World's Most Fuel Efficient Couple", are retiring after over 60 years experience between them in breaking World and National Fuel Economy Driving Records.

After smashing 88 World Driving Records, of which 42 are for fuel economy, the Taylor's have decided to retire from breaking World Records, instead preferring to continue encouraging other global friends to go out and break their own countries National as well as World Driving Records.

The Taylor's have successfully been running education programs around the world, educating governments, fleets, media and the general public on how to save fuel, save money, reduce CO2 emissions, drive smarter, drive safer, hence the reason for starting the 'Eco2Driving' Record Breaking business.

The Taylors dream is to reduce CO2 global emissions by 10%. You can be part of this dream, as well as enhancing the environment you will be breaking fuel economy Records, driving safer, saving money, saving fuel and reducing vehicle maintenance costs.