On February 25, the Philippines will be celebrating the 30th anniversary of EDSA People Power, a bloodless revolution that ended the Marcos regime.

With that in mind, the EDSA People Power Commission (EPPC) will be closing the White Plains Avenue (between Corinthian Subd and Camp Aguinaldo) going to EDSA (westbound) will be fully closed from February 14 to 29 for the celebration of the 30th EDSA anniversary.

According to EPPC, they will construct a museum on White Plains Avenue which will be open to the public until February 26. It will be dismantled from February 27 to 29.

In line with this, EPPC said that there will be a zipper lane/counterflow on the eastbound lane going to EDSA and a lane going to Temple Drive. Progressive closure of the entire street (both east and westbound) will happen from February 23 to 24.

Refer to the chart below to know more about the affected roads:

Road Closure for 30th People Power celebration

The entire stretch of White Plains Avenue will be closed on February 25. In addition, EDSA Ortigas to EDSA Santolan will also be closed on February 25.

On the other hand, the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) has met with the traffic department of the 17 local government units in Metro Manila and the representatives of the EPPC last January 25 in order to develop plans to ease the traffic congestion during the 30th anniversary of the People Power Revolution.

MMDA advises the public to use alternate routes. The MMDA also plans to deploy members of the traffic and clearing divisions in order to guide motorists through the traffic management plan that will be implemented.

MMDA personnel will help in the clearing of the plant boxes, bike shelters and concrete barriers along White Plains Avenue to give way for the museum and food stalls to be set up during the event.

EPPC is expecting a large number of students coming from south and north of Manila on board buses to participate to walk through the museum. The walkthrough is estimated to last 50 minutes.