Meet the upcoming addition to Honda's EV lineup

If you wanted an all-electric Honda, the only available option would be the small e hatchback. It is a great car for the city, but it’s not exactly the best for carrying people or cargo. However, a new model will be joining the electric hatchback, and this time, it’s a crossover. Meet the new Honda SUV e: prototype. It previews an upcoming EV crossover that will go on sale in 2022.

For those wondering why the SUV e: prototype looks familiar, that’s because it appears to be an evolved version of the SUV e: concept from last year. Unlike that model, this one looks more production-ready. One other point of interest is the prototype in the name. Knowing how Honda prototype models look nearly the same as the production model, this is more or less what the final model will look like at launch.

Compared to the e hatchback, which has a cute look, the SUV e: prototype has a sleeker appearance. There are slim headlights upfront with U-shaped lighting signatures and thin DRL strips that resemble eyebrows. Placed front and center is the illuminated Honda logo, hiding the charging port. As with most EVs, the bumper is mostly closed off. However, the lower half of the fascia does feature a small center intake and what appear to be slim LED foglights.

Honda SUV e: prototype looks like a futuristic, HR-V EV image

Down the side, there are more black cladding with an integrated LED strip, giving the electric crossover a rugged look. It also resembles the shape of the new HR-V, complete with the pillar-mounted rear door handles. From the rear, there are more HR-V resemblances. It features slim, full-width LED taillights with unique graphics. Honda also integrated the brake lights into the taillights and lower portion of the bumper. Thanks to this unique design, the SUV e: prototype looks very futuristic.

At the moment, Honda has not revealed details about the prototype’s powertrain as well as the interior. However, the company did say the all-electric SUV will use the new third-generation Honda Connect system. The system gives owners a host of connectivity features to make life more convenient.

Hopefully, Honda doesn’t change the design too much when the production model SUV e: prototype debuts. It already looks very cool as it is.