Ford's new electric crate motor is called Eluminator

If you're one of the few that are considering an electric conversion for your project car or resto-mod vehicle, Ford will have you covered very soon. The brand's performance division, Ford Performance, will be offering an electric crate motor, and it is scheduled to debut at the SEMA show later this November.

The electric crate motor is called the Eluminator. Yes, the name is a wordplay on the Aluminator name, which Ford used for its V8 crate engines in the past.

At the moment, Ford Performance has not revealed any details. However, they did release photos of what the motor looks like. Based on the images, the crate motor will measure around 570mm, making it somewhat compact compared to a V8 engine. From the looks of it, the electric motor will sit longitudinally and have an output shaft leading toward the rear.

Eluminator: Ford plans to sell automotive electric crate motors image

There's still a lot of missing information about Ford's upcoming crate motor. For starters, Ford did not release the power output of the motor. Then, there's the issue of the accessories that come with EVs. We also don't know if the crate motor will come with a battery pack or customers will have to source their own. There's also concern about the software controlling the motor and how it will adapt to the existing vehicle.

Ford's Eluminator electric crate motor is a cool way to convert a car from combustion to electric. Hopefully, the automaker will shed more light about it once revealed at SEMA. Once launched, it will go up against Chevrolet's eCrate electric conversion pack.

Given the chance, would you do a DIY electric motor swap in your vehicle? Or is a V8 swap still the way to go?