Pasig City makes Emerald Avenue in Ortigas a brighter place

For a very long time, Emerald Avenue or F. Ortigas Jr. Road in the Ortigas Business District has been a dark place at night. It may have provided for some nice moody photos on Instagram or Facebook thanks to the dim orange streetlights, but it’s not exactly safe for pedestrians and motorists alike. But it seems Pasig City Mayor Vico Sotto wanted the stretch of road to be lit, literally.

Mayor Vico recently shared on social media the updates along Emerald Avenue at night, and the differences are night and day. Both the road and the sidewalks are now clearly illuminated thanks to the addition of 93 new LED streetlights. Some might miss the mood created by the dimly lit street. However, the new brightly lit street will surely be safer for everyone, including cyclists that occupy the bike lane.

Aside from the new LED lights, road markings along the stretch of road have been updated as well. At the same time, minor repair works were made, such as the replacement of broken sidewalk tiles, to make walking more comfortable for pedestrians. According to Mayor Vico, it is the first time that Emerald Avenue has been this bright at night.

Hopefully, we see more roads lit as bright as this one in Pasig. In fact, this is how the new standard of lighting should be. Apart from Emerald Avenue, the Department of Public Works and Highway (DPWH) recently addressed the lighting situation along Espana Avenue in Manila.

With that, are there any roads you can think of that needs to have the lighting issue addressed? Let us know in the comments.