I-ACT sees fewer motorists entering EDSA busway stricter enforcement

Kung makakalusot, lulusot.” That is the mentality of a lot of motorists. Sadly, these are the same drivers who will not be getting a license with 10-year validity, among other penalties.

The Inter-Agency Council for Traffic (I-ACT) implemented a clampdown on unauthorized vehicles using the leftmost lane on EDSA which has been designated as the exclusive lane for buses. Emergency vehicles and law enforcement vehicles may use the lane, but private motorists may not. 

I-ACT: 25% reduction in EDSA busway violators after crackdown image

Today, I-ACT Chief Charlie Del Rosario lauded the efforts of the agency and stated that there is a stark reduction in the number of motorists apprehended on the EDSA busway. From a high of around 400 apprehensions daily, the number is down to about 100 violators per day. That is a 75% cut in "pasaway" drivers.

If you are a motorist who bends and breaks traffic rules all the time, including cruising in the EDSA busway, keep the words of Chief Del Rosario in mind.

[Sila] ay puwedeng pagmultahin ng aabot ng isang libo. Ang mga nahuling ito ay na-submit na rin natin sa Land Transportation Office (LTO) para ma-impose iyong kaukulang multa,” said Del Rosario.

[They can be fined up to PHP1,000. And these apprehended individuals are reported to the LTO where they can settle their fine]

I-ACT: 25% reduction in EDSA busway violators after crackdown image

Along with the fine are demerit points preventing you from getting a driver’s license valid for ten years. Earn 40 points, and your driver’s license will be suspended.

What bewilders Del Rosario is the fact that private motorists still insist on using the busway even when traffic is light.

Sa totoo, wala namang trapik. Hindi lang natin malaman kung bakit nagpipilit silang dumaan diyan," added Del Rosario.

(Truth be told, there’s no traffic. We don’t understand why they keep taking the EDSA Busway),” he added.

The I-ACT urges motorists to strictly follow traffic rules and regulations. They, along with the LTO, MMDA, LTFRB, local government units, and the Philippine National Police, are always on the lookout for violators.